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The Network Investment

So yesterday, I received an email asking me for the following:

I am needing some assistance with a parent survey. We are in our first year of our 1:1 Learning Adventure here at BBE. I would like to survey the parents of our district to get some feedback of how they feel things are going with the 1:1 Initiative. Would you be willing to share some questions that you think would be good to put on my Google Form for the parents to complete? I am also needing to bring this data to my school board at the end of the month. Any help/ guidance would be greatly appreciated!

When I first received this, my brain was stuck and honestly, I was tired. I had nothing.  So then I send out a proverbial “educational bat signal” on Twitter and ask for help!

If you look at the tweet, you will see tons of great questions and responses from educators all over the place, helping someone else out.

Here are a few things I am reminded of in this process.

  1. Asking for help is often a sign of strength not weakness.
  2. Sometimes laziness can lead to innovation :)  I really felt I was running on empty when I got this response.
  3. Truly we are better together. I would have not been able to come up with the quantity or quality of questions that I received if I did this on my own.
  4. People that might be going through the process benefit from someone asking in their network.
  5. People that had no thought of doing this, now might because they thought, “that’s a great idea to ask parents for feedback on this initiative. I am totally stealing some of those questions.”

Building a network takes time, but if you are willing to invest in it, what you get out of it can be so powerful.