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This is Why I Teach: Watching Kids Learn

Over the last few days in class, my students have been working on an activity designed to introduce them to the similarities and differences between elements, mixtures and compounds.  It’s pretty dry stuff, to be honest — and the chances are that no matter how successful you’ve been in your life, you probably couldn’t tell […]

Making Room for Uncertainty in the Required Curriculum

Poking through my feed reader this morning, I stumbled across a Mindshift KQED article that I think every educator ought to read. Titled How to Spark Curiosity in Children through Embracing Uncertainty, it makes a simple argument:  Instruction centered on facts that have already been settled fails today’s students.  “Without insight into the holes in […]

Aliyana’s Mindset Moment

I’ve got a student this year — let’s call her Aliyana* — who just plain makes me smile.  She’s unique times ten — comfortable being different and always ready to think creatively.  She’s also super funny and super kind — which means she’s super well-liked by her peers.  In a lot of ways, she’s the […]