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Why are we doing that again?

Years ago, there was a practice in my school division where all administrators were provided a BlackBerry, when cellular phones just started to become the norm.  The thought process behind this was that if there was an emergency, this would be a great way to connect with the leaders in the building quickly.  At the time though, people probably hesitated at the idea of carrying a phone with them all of the time.  Why would you want to be contacted when you were not at work?  Obviously there would have been reluctance, yet this became standard practice.

Fast forward to today, where this is still happening in many school districts.  Money is spent on providing the phone that works best for the organization, not necessarily the individual.  As the world has become more personalized, many administrators are carrying around their “work” phone and then the phone they actually want for themselves.  So instead of saying there was no chance they would carry one phone, some are now carrying two.  Yet why is this happening? Is there some underlying “best practice” here, or just what we have always done?

This might not only be a poor stewardship of resources, but it might also be bad for learning in schools.  If we have a device that is provided for us, do we see learning as personalized or something that is provided for us as well?  That is why the notion of having “fresh eyes” is so crucial to what we do in learning and leadership.  If we just accept, this is the way it is, then we are not being the critical thinkers that we want our students to be.  It is not only important to know “how” to do things, but to ask “why”.  If we aren’t willing to question the processes and systems of our organizations, why would we challenge teaching and learning in our classrooms?

What things do you wonder about in your own organization?