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Cheating or Resourceful?

As I was watching students build a “cotton ball sling-shot” with items that they had, I was sitting there looking at what was in front of them and all I wanted to do was Google how to make something.  I actually tweeted the following out:

I struggled with this concept as there is a balance of trying to figure stuff out on your own, and the ability to connect with others (or information) to find the answer. I then tweeted the following out:

What is interesting is that the responses both helped to shape my thinking, while challenging me. This is something that is quite powerful and although we talk about “collaboration” and “connected learning”, some people see them as the opposite, where I see them as quite similar.

Here is a few things that I am struggling with:

  • If you were hiring someone, would you go with someone who would take a long time to figure something out (but eventually will), or the person who connects with others and can find out instantly?
  • Are we developing kids that have both the skills listed above?
  • Do kids think to Google things outside of school, but when we do activities like this, they don’t even think about it?