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Through the Eyes of a Child

I recently was able to spend some time with my friend Dave Shortreed and was able to meet his wife Katie (who is the biggest Hanson fan ever…seriously).  I really enjoyed the conversations that we were able to have and just how welcoming they were to me while I was in Victoria, BC.

As they were taking me back to the airport, Katie was pointing out every little thing to her son Cael, and her enthusiasm was contagious.  I asked her, “Are you more excited about everything now that you have a young child?” Her response was, “Absolutely!”

She continued to tell me about how Cael’s enthusiasm was also what excited her.  His interest in seemingly everything stoked her own excitement.

Do we lose this somewhere along the way as adults?

What I hope for is that as adults, we can allow a child’s excitement and curiosity influence us, and not let them lose that enthusiasm and curiosity, that is obviously contagious.  To look at the world through a child’s eyes can truly be an inspiring thing.