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Obstacles or Opportunities?

Kids are learning a distorted view of the digital world “that reflects the fears of adults rather than the aspirations of youth.”

This quote has stuck with me since I read this article, “Digital Natives, Yet Strangers to the Web” by Alia Wong.  It is not only in relation to our use of technology, but how this statements connects to leadership.

Think of the difference between these two questions:

  1. How do we deal with students who are so addicted to these devices?


2. How do we take advantage of the opportunities that we have for learning with students having access to all of the information in the world at their fingertips?

In some ways they are the same question, both dealing with mobile devices.  It is the framing of the question that is different. One is looking at the obstacle, and the other is looking for the opportunity.  This is not about technology, but about leadership.  Are we moving people forward, or are questions sometimes holding them back?

The most untapped and valuable resource in our school is our students.  They have an enthusiasm that sometimes, we do not only fail to utilize, but maybe sometimes even squash. Questions to move forward are crucial, but we have to recognize when the way we ask them holds us back.

Are we framing obstacles or looking for opportunities?

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