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Would you tweet that?

I have been really focusing on how social media can not only connect us with others around the globe, but within our own school.  Here is something that I have been encouraging others to think about:

What if tweets dailly

What if we actually tweeted something from our classrooms?  What I don’t think we would see is educators tweeting out students doing “worksheets” in the classroom (although they might tweet out a digital version).

I do not believe in absolutes in education and I have discussed that sometimes a worksheet is okay.  Doing them all of the time though, is a totally different conversation, whether it is on paper or digital.

But if we wouldn’t tweet it out to the world, why are we doing it with students?  We shouldn’t just share the final product of learning, but also the process, which in my opinion, is much more important.  Yet, if there are practices we wouldn’t necessarily want to share with the world, maybe we need to think about what that is really saying?