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Our Biggest Investment

You can have the best designed school, with all of the infrastructure in place, devices at the hands of every learner, makerspaces in every corner, and provide all of the professional development on how to do the stuff, and none of it will matter if people do not know why these things are important, and they see themselves as part of the change, not people that are being changed.

Without understanding why and seeing yourself as part of something bigger than yourself, we can’t expect schools to change on mass, nor will we see it happen.  And this isn’t just in schools, it is in all organizations.  It is easy to get people to do stuff, but it is a lot harder (and more important) to have people do amazing stuff.

There’s a difference.

And the infrastructure and environment is important, but not as important as the thinking that makes “incredible” happen. Schools will always be people powered, and they should always be our biggest investment.