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Creating the Future

“Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late.” —Seth Godin

Things I have been thinking about…

Years ago, I saw this video by Dan Brown, someone who dropped out of college (at the time), because he saw education was not working for what he needed.  This quote resonated:

“It is clear to the world that something just isn’t working with institutional education, and most people…say, “We need to change institutional education!” But to the educators of the world, I am here today to say that I disagree. You don’t need to change anything. You simply need to understand that the world is changing, and, if you don’t change with it, the world will decide that it doesn’t need you anymore.” (Dan Brown)


As technology changes and adapts, the constant question is “what’s next?”  We focus on what will come our way, as opposed to creating our way.  

When will education embrace as an institution that change is the only constant in our world, and constant flexibility and adaptation are what will be needed from our organizations, educators, and students?

When will there be a time where education creates “the next thing”?  When education will lead the way instead of playing perpetual catch up?

When will we empower our students to be the leaders of today, instead of continuously encouraging them to wait for them to do that tomorrow?

Individuals are doing this within education on a daily basis, but it is important that it becomes the norm within classrooms, schools, and organizations as a whole.  It is going to need a shifting mindset at all levels on not just how we learn, but we do and create with that learning.

The quote below is something educators should start to embrace for their students and themselves.