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Say Hello To Tony

My friend Tony Sinanis is like a brother to me…I love the guy to pieces and have only met him face to face once.  He has been a good friend for years and I trust him like family. As I was texting him the other day about something we didn’t agree on, I actually said, “Hey! My mom is here and she would love to talk to you and you can drop some Greek on her.” Immediately we FaceTimed and I just handed the phone to my mom, and her and Tony talked like he was one of the kids that I grew up with, not someone I met on Twitter.  I just walked away and did other things while they talked Greek and had no idea what they were saying (obviously both complimenting to no end!).

This isn’t the first time that this has happened with my mom.  My good friend Jimmy Casas, also who I connected with through Twitter, called my mom last year unbeknownst to me, to talk to her and say kind words about me.  She told me and I kept saying, “Who?”  Then I figured it out and was blown away.

Little things like this mean a lot to me and there are people that I have connected with on social media that are not just “friends” to me, but they are family.  Although I am known as a “speaker”, I could go months without talking to people and be fine with it, and we could just pick up one moment and talk like we never skipped a beat.

I know this also means a lot to my mom as well.  The email I received yesterday from my mom (english being her second language) said the following:

Say hello to tony if you Hempen to talk to him same-times. Have a great day.

It was also followed by her signature “emoticon guilt trip” about not calling more:

  Love mom. 😡📞😰😰😰.


There is nothing more I could say after this than how grateful I am for so many amazing people that have come into my life because one day I decided to pay a little more attention to Twitter. I know my mom is pretty happy about it as well and with all that she has been through there is no one I know that deserves to smile more than her.