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Kids These Days!

I was setting up to speak this morning, and this wonderful young lady came up to me, unable to contain her excitement and said, “Oh! You are George Couros! You are my teacher’s hero!”

I lost my breath and was honoured by her kind words, her not knowing how much she filled my bucket.  I then asked her if it was okay to get a selfie and send it to her teacher.  She said yes, and we then said hi to her teacher:

As a show of my gratitude, I asked her if she was okay to deliver a signed book to her teacher. She was very excited, and sent her teacher the following message:

It made me tear up…what a wonderful student.

Skyler then went on to introduce me to the audience, and was very well spoken, articulate, and just had so much enthusiasm.  I started off by talking about her immediate impact on me, and how if these are the kids that are determining our future, I am pretty happy with that.

After that, I asked her if she would help sell books with me. Not only did she take payments on my phone through square for people, she also was asked to sign a book herself. As a token of my appreciation, I gave a book to her as well.

I arrived to the airport and I received this from Skyler and her teacher:

All I can say is that I am so often amazed by our students, and also by their teachers that do so much for them. Thank you Skyler for totally making my day!