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The Connection Between Leadership and Learning

I read this very short post yesterday, yet it resonated with me all day.

“Developing leaders is our #1 priority.”
“Leader Development is in everything we do.” 
“The heart of this unit is its leaders.”
“Good leadership is our most important asset.”

Sound about right?

But when was the last time you participated in a unit leader development event that was focused on the practice of leadership? Not doctrine, not staff processes, not command supply discipline…leadership! It’s probably been a while…

This is a very crucial point.  When I look at a lack of growth or resistance to change in schools, the more I realize this is more of a leadership problem than anything.  Yet, as the post states, how often do we focus on leadership development, rather than initiatives, new learning, or whatever is thrown on the plate in front of us?

When I prepare for working with leadership teams, there are always two areas on my mind.  Learning what I share, and how to help others move forward in this same area.  Too often, it is one without the other.  Administrators often learn about new initiatives and what they look like, or else they hear about how to help others, without understanding what they are “pushing”. The most important aspect for any new initiative to move forward, is to be able to lead by example.  It is easy to say “go do this’, but much more powerful when we are able to say, “Let’s do this together.”  Both elements are necessary if schools are to move forward.