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Asking Questions To Stand Still or Move Forward?

“The Only Stupid Question is the One You Don’t Ask”

I read this quote from a post on “How Great Teacher Candidates Interview Differently“, and I have also heard variations of this quote several times.  I used to say something similar, but I don’t necessarily agree anymore.

Working with Trillium Lakelands District School Board I noticed and was told that they start every meeting with the following:

“We are a board that questions our way forward.”

That forever changed my thought on not only the questions we ask, but how we ask them.

For example, you can sometimes hear a certain tone in the question,  “When am I going to find the time to do this?”  How we ask the question sometimes is more of a statement that we aren’t wanting to do anything different, but we are looking to stand still.  To me, this is not a good question.  How we ask questions is crucial.

Dean Shareski put my thoughts in a talk into this visual:


I have said this before, but if we only maintain what we have always done in a world that constantly moves ahead, we will only be left behind.