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Where did they learn it from? Who cares?

Here is a video I did for LearnTeachLead, discussing “Global Possibilities for Learning”.

In the video I discuss the simple notion of the “cup song”, made famous by the movie “Pitch Perfect”. If you have never seen the movie, the main character played by Anna Kendrick, does a musical tryout with a “cup song”. Seeing this, I was blown away and immediately went home and googled where she learned this from. ¬†In a clip from David Letterman, she explains how she sees a video she found on Reddit, and it eventually made it’s way into the movie.

Here is the original:

Most people don’t even know this original video existed, and Anna Kendrick, a major celebrity who has been acting since she was a child¬†, picked this up and shared it in a movie that makes over 180 millions dollars domestically.

I always ask people if they have seen kids do this before, and I ask the following questions;

Who did they learn this from? Who cares?

The importance is that they learned, and we have to recognize that there are opportunities now for learning that we couldn’t even imagine.

In the image created by my brother, Alec Couros, the power in today’s world is not just that we can consume, but we can share back. Learning is not a one way street, and the places we can learn from have grown exponentially. Our students and our schools, need to tap into this.


Image created by Alec Couros