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Standing Still is Falling Behind

You have two teachers in a hiring process and one of them does some amazing things and the other one is doing really good things. At this point, “teacher A” is stronger than “teacher B”. Which one would you take?

Well some people would obviously choose “teacher A” is better, but what they need to realize is that they are better now. What about two years from now?

The question you need to ask before you make the decision is which one is more willing to learn?  If “teacher A” is done learning and believes that what they do now will suffice later, “teacher B” with a mindset that they can continuously grow and develop, will eventually surpass “teacher A”.

This is not just something that is relevant to “individuals”, but also organizations.

As I attended iEngage Berwyn as both a presenter and participant, we spent the first day going around and checking out classrooms, and learning from students.  I have been to conferences like this before, but what I felt was really powerful was that it wasn’t just the community showing the amazing things that were going on in their schools, but they were asking questions on how they can continuously move forward.  It was a learning experience for all those involved, not just the participants.

I have said this before, in a world that constantly moves forward, if we choose to stand still, we will eventually fall behind..  I appreciate these schools and districts similar to Berwyn South, West Vancouver, and so many others, continuously ask questions to get better, even when the spotlight is shone upon them.  If we aren’t open to getting better, we won’t get better. That simple.